14037 w USB

Extremely durable and flexible 45+90 degrees hand lamp in pit station.
Can withstand being run over by a vehicle up to 1.8 tonnes. Strong fixed POT magnet (PVC pad covered "no scratch"). Yellow nylon hook with 15 kg lifting power.
Charges in docking station via USB lead. Use f.inst. the 5V charger from your phone, PC, docking station etc. as charging device.
Use the pit station as a steady base, if you want to use the lamp as a table lamp or bring the lamp along and use the magnet and hook in your various work positions. With the 350 lumens, the lamp is able to light up a large area.
Charger is available as accessory.

C11 hand a car 170x170
14037 m kasse 170x170
14035 knæk 170x170 gråtone
14035_i_Sand 170x170
Arbmand skruer 170x170