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News 15.01.2016

The Toyota team is working late in the light of the Elwis Pro series

The Stage

The level of difficulty remains the same, but variety will favour the most flexible of drivers and teams. Sand in all its forms will feature, particularly fesh-fesh, the most volatile and heavy kind, which demands both dexterity and patience. 
But speed will also be an advantage in other, straighter sections, featuring gravel and pebbles. Opportunities will be few and far between, but there is still time to shake up the standings, since the terrain will be favourable to creating significant gaps.

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Program of the 2016 Dakar:
31/12 and 01/01: Administrative and technical checks
02/01: Start podium in Buenos Aires / Prologue / Liaison to Bivouac “0” close to Rosario
03/01: Buenos Aires - Villa Carlos Paz
04/01: Villa Carlos Paz - Termas de Río Hondo
05/01: Termas de Río Hondo - Jujuy
06/01: Jujuy - Jujuy
07/01: Jujuy - Uyuni
08/01: Uyuni - Uyuni
09/01: Uyuni - Salta
10/01: Rest day in Salta
11/01: Salta - Belén
12/01: Belén - Belén
13/01: Belén - La Rioja
14/01: La Rioja - San Juan
15/01: San Juan - Villa Carlos Paz
16/01: Villa Carlos Paz - Rosario


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News 17.12.2015

Coming soon Dakar Rally 2016

We are testing a range of our best work lamps during the rally, among them the new rechargeable headlight H2-R, the powerful C2 plus of course the next generation of work lamps.
This time the rally goes through deserts and mountains in Bolivia and Argentina - it will be tough!

News 23.09.2015

PRO series is for professionals - so they have to take knocks.

News 25.03.2015

Elwis PRO series in Dakar Rally 2015

Our friends in the Toyota Dakar Rally team is working hard day and night, at night the mechanic team relies on  the Elwis PRO series to light up the dark and dusty working area.
So far no problems, Says driver Mr. Antanas - even in sandstorm and heavy rain.


The only way to complete the Dakar is through a combination of endurance and determination.

The competitors will have an additional problem to resolve on the 9,000 kilometres to be covered in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia:
adopting and maintaining the right momentum, while the route continuously endeavours to break it.
Depending on the day, both the setting and the pace will change, moving from rocky routes to desert dunes and from endurance stages to extreme sprints. Given the competitors’ inability to recognize clearly identified sections, in particular they must capitalise upon their ability to adapt… and to control their stamina.
The marathon stages definitely reminds them of this basic rule of off-road races.