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Flat gaskets

Elwis Industrial Solutions specialise in the manufacturing of bespoke flat gaskets and we are currently the number one supplier to some of Europe's biggest manufacturing companies. The reason companies choose Elwis for their flat gasket needs, is that we:

• guarantee a consistently high level of quality 
• are very price competitive 
• maintain a 99.9% delivery performance

Product description

Flat gaskets have a wide range of applications within the machining and engine manufacturing industry. Typical uses of flat gaskets include pumps, heat exchangers, compressors and engines, to name a few.


Our product range include materials from well-known manufacturers such as Donit Tesnit, Graftech and Interface.

In addition to this, we manufacture our own gasket laminate materials. This enables us to offer, among other things:

•Tesnit®Standard Line such as BA-50, BA-GL, BA-U, BA-N, BA-Auto etc. 
• Tesnit®High Performance Line such as BAGL 3000, BAU 2000 etc. 
• Tesnit® Custom Materials such as BA-S, BA-F, BA-R203 etc. 
• Interface Standard Sheet Goods such as D-7200, D-7590, M-5201 etc 
• Interface Standard Roll Goods such as CN-705, N-8090, N-8094, NI-2086, TN-9004 etc.
• Interface Encore Combined Materials such as EMC-7201, MBF-C, MCC etc. 
• Interface Value Grade Materials such as CMP-4000, HFL-781, MP-15 etc. 
• A broad range of graphite materials 
• A broad range of gasket laminate materials (sandwich materials) for high temperature applications

When it comes to rubber gaskets, we exclusively use rubber materials from trusted producers such as Semperit, Trelleborg, and Metzeler to name a few. This ensures that the products we deliver always are of the highest quality. We stock all the common rubber materials at our warehouse.

Recently we have added 'original' Bayer Vulkollan to our product range.

Flag gaskets 1

Flat gaskets 3

Flat gaskets 2


We take advantage of the most advanced water-jet and laser cutting technology on the market providing a unique degree of flexibility. Combined with a general short lead time we can provide you with the best and most competitive solutions available on the market. We stock a large number of materials at our warehouse. This enables us to respond quickly to any changes in your requirements.


All parts supplied by Elwis are manufactured in either a ISO 9001:2015 certified factory or a TS16949 certified factory.