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Gasket sheets

At Elwis Industrial Solutions we not only supply finished gasket products. We also furnish a number of customers and other gasket factories with raw materials. Below is a list of the various gasket materials and sheets we warehouse and supply:

Elwis Royalcore T8904: Gasket laminates for very high temperature applications

This material consists of ceramic fillings, organic fibres and a latex binder. The material is mechanically tightened between two layers of perforated steel. As a result, the material is suitable for use in conditions with high temperatures (up to 350 °C) and high mechanical loads. A typical application of T8904 is exhaust systems, and T8904 is also widely used for joining flanges with high temperatures and low inner pressure.

Elwis Royalcore RC444: Gasket laminates for high temperature applications

Royalcore 444 is produced with heat resistent aramid fibres tied with nitrile rubber. The material is reinforced with a  perforated steel insert that mechanically secures the actual gasket material. The surface has been treated with graphite for maximum anti-stick and micro-sealing. The material is especially suitable for gaskets in combustion engines, such as top and manifold gaskets.

Elwis Royalcore B9401: Gasket laminate

Royalcore B9401 is produced by laminating two layers of Mica sheets around a reinforced tanged steel insert. This binds the Mica mechanically. The laminate does not contain adhesives. The material is very resistant to high temperatures. It is not, however, especially leak proof. In many applications we use use the advantage of using an eyelet in the media hole.

Rubber sheets and rolls

We warehouse a great number of different rubber sheets in a wide range of thicknesses. Examples include sheets/rolls made from EPDM, NBR, CR, SBR, FMQ and FPM.

Fibre materials

We offer a comprehensive range of fibre materials. These materials are typically made from an aramid fibre material with rubber. Depending on the material and the quality, these materials come supplied with or without graphite. Fibre materials are ideally used as sealing solutions against water, air, hydrogen, steam, non-organic acids, oil and cooling products.


We supply compressible rubbercorks with high resistance to oil and fuels. Rubbercorks are a flexible material with fantastic recovery properties.


Vulkollan is a polyurethane material, made from original Desmodur D15®. It is typically used in applications with high wear or loading capabilities. This material is very light sensitive.