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Moulded rubber products & o-rings

Over the course of the last decade Elwis has grown to become a leading supplier of rubber gaskets. The manufacturing of rubber parts at Elwis Industrial Solutions comprises both customer-specific solutions as well as engine rubber parts destined for the automotive aftermarket.

Product description

Our moulded rubber products are produced using either injection or compression moulding. The material is heated, mixed and forced into a mould cavity where it cools and hardens, resulting in the finished product. Moulded parts have a wide range of applications and uses, including buffers, bumpers, caps, sliders and o-rings.

Elwis' product focus

We specialise in supplying "technical rubber" to the automotive and machine building industries. Due to this, we mainly focus on those properties of rubber that are required to ensure good sealing against heat, pressure, oil and atmospheric agents such as ozone.




Rubber: Description:

EPDM EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a variant of synthetic rubber widely used in general engineering due to its low cost and high performance. EPDM offers good abrasion and weathering properties with excellent water resistance. EPDM is not resistant to mineral oils or hydrocarbon fuels.
Nitrile (NBR) Nitrile (NBR) NBR is widely used in general sealing applications for industry. We also use NBR products in a large number of our automotive applications. NBR is resistant to most mineral oils, hydrocarbon fuels and water.
Neoprene (CR) CR is frequently used in outdoor applications due to its strong ozone resistance properties. CR is flame-retardant and resilient to a wide range of hostile conditions such as chemicals, oil and water.
Silicone (VMQ)
Silicone is widely used in both domestic appliances and medical applications. It has a great temperature range tolerance, provides good electrical insulation and resistance to both animal and vegetable oils.
Flour rubber (FPM)
FPM is our first choice material for use in high temperature environments. We use FPM in many of our automotive applications. FPM displays excellent resistance to mineral oils, fuels, water and most chemicals. Finally, FPM has good flame-retardant properties and low gas permeability.


Competitive tooling and unit costs

We enjoy the advantage of having direct access to a highly skilled and competent tooling department. This provides us the ability to quickly modify toolings when required, whilst remaining extremely competitive on pricing.


We offer a high degree of flexibility in both the product development phase and the manufacturing process. This means we can deliver products in line with any product specification you might have. We are also happy to help design and specify your product solutions according to your needs.


Some suppliers specialise in stocking and selling standard O-rings - this is not our focus area. We are one step back in the value chain as we primarily focus on batch manufacturing of larger customer orders of customer specific O-rings. Our O-rings are used in such diverse applications as automotive thermostat systems, diesel engines and trailer couplings. Contact us when you require production of larger batches of standard as well as specialised O-ring products.


The majority of our rubber parts are manufactured at Chinese facility. Our manufacturing partner is ISO14001 (environment) certified.