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Rubber/steel products

The use of rubber/steel gaskets has grown steadily in the last two decades. Originally intended for the automotive industry, these gasket solutions are now being applied across a wide range of other industries. Elwis Industrial Solutions is at the forefront of the manufacturing of rubber/steel gaskets.

Products we supply

Elwis can supply the following product solutions:

• Single-layer-steel (SLS) gaskets with NBR or Viton coating 
• Multi-layer-steel (MLS) gaskets with NBR or Viton coating 
• Steel gaskets with vulcanised rubber 
• Steel gaskets with silicone silk-screen printing 
• Applications requiring deep pressing
• Steel gaskets with vulcanised rubber
• Steel gaskets with silicone silk-screen printing

All Elwis rubber/steel gaskets are manufactured using fibre/steel laminate. Because of our expertise, we can offer cost-effective manufacturing regardless of batch size.




Let Elwis design your production solution

At Elwis we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of gaskets and gasket parts. As a result we have built up an extensive technological know-how over the years - a know-how we share with our customers. We are more than happy to help you design and develop your next gasket solution. For any purpose.


We offer a high degree of flexibility in both the product development phase and the manufacturing process. This means we can deliver products in line with any product specification you might have. We are also happy to help design and specify your product solutions according to your needs.


The majority of our rubber parts are manufactured at our Chinese facility. Our manufacturing partner is TS16949 (quality) and ISO14000 (environment) certified.