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From simple flat gaskets to complex engine gaskets

Below are some attributes that differentiate Elwis from other gasket companies.

We focus on the manufacturing of complex engine gaskets

At Elwis, we have a clear edge when it comes to designing and manufacturing more complex gaskets. Due to our involvement in the automotive market we are constantly at the forefront of new product development trends, and this knowledge is passed on to our customers in the form of unrivalled quality and pricing. In particular, we differentiate ourselves by being able to supply complex gasket solutions in steel and/or rubber, whilst offering our customers a high degree of flexibility.

We are committed to constantly developing our competencies

At Elwis we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of gaskets and gasket parts. As a result we have built up an extensive technological know-how over the years - a know-how we share with our customers. Our commitment to ensuring our staff has the highest technical competencies means that we have developed a truly unique concept of how to manufacture, for example, multi-layer-steel gaskets in a commercial fashion when small batch size manufacturing is required.

Flexibility in manufacturing

Our factory is broadly diversified in terms of machinery and equipment. We have some of the most advanced water and laser-cutting technology on the market. Our hydraulic travelling head presses are perfect for high volume series, while our eccentric presses are ideal for lower volume series. All this means that we can supply the perfect gasket solutions to our customers - regardless of size and need.

Handling of spare parts and replacement gaskets

We are fully equipped to package and label spare parts individually according to our customers' requirements. This means that our customers can redistribute spare parts as soon as they are received. If required, we can stock a minimum quantity of speciality solutions to ensure a smooth flow of day-to-day replacements parts.

We are committed to bringing down overall costs for our customers

The majority of costs associated with gaskets are not related to the purchase price. Expenses related to logistics, stock keeping and so on have a substantial impact on the overall cost. Because of this, Elwis has implemented a range of services that allow for the minimising of overall transaction costs.