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Cutting-edge gasket & sealing solutions

Water jet cutting as well as stamping presses all in one factory  makes it easy to choose the fastest and most efficient form of production.

We continually strive towards being the best high quality gasket and sealing solutions supplier to the OEM industries. We offer superb flexibility that allow us to quickly manufacture high volumes at a minimum of tooling costs.

We operate with a unique setup, with operations split between our Danish and Chinese manufacturing facilities. Our Copenhagen plant is optimised to offer 100% flexibility, whilst our Chinese facility is geared towards handling high volume manufacturing for the automotive and industrial markets.

We believe this approach gives us a unique edge over our competitors. An approach we like to call "local flexibility - global competitiveness".

On this site you can discover for yourself how Elwis can help you as an OEM manufacturer, and why we offer the most competitive and flexible solutions in the industry.

Welcome to Elwis Industrial Solutions.